Adirondack Rock

Guidebook Extras

All of the topos for the multi-pitch cliffs are available here for download. We may add additional photo diagrams, topos, and maps in the future. These are intended to supplement the book, allowing you to print copies and carry them up routes.

Note: These are copyrighted materials and cannot be reproduced in any other form other than for your personal use. Thousands of hours were spent on the 414 cliff topos, maps, and photo diagrams in the book, and we'd appreciate if you would respect our copyright.

New Routes
New routes and cliff notes.
Adirondack Climber's Coalition.
Access issues and alerts.
List of useful links for rock climbing in the Adirondacks.
Browsable topographical map of the Adirondack Park.
Ongoing list of corrections.
Bibliography of rock climbing in the Adirondack Park.

Downloads for Volume 1 (the boy book)

page 5 (1MB)
Park Map
pages 32-33 (442K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Base terrain map
pages 40-41 (808K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Luther Wall, Discord Area, Snake Ledge
page 47 (783K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Snake Ledge, The Pillar, and Nose Apron
page 55 (688K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Nose Apron and Dihedrals Area
page 61 (656K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Dihedrals Area
page 67 (761K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Dihedrals Area and PT Pillar Area
page 75 (800K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Bloody Mary Area
page 83 (797K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Big Wall Area
page 88 (700K)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Pilgrim Wall Detail
page 93 (1.2MB)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: Neurosis Area and Paralysis Amphitheater
page 105 (1.4MB)
Poke-O Moonshine: Main Face: North End
page 109 (1.3MB)
Poke-O Moonshine: Slab
page 204 (500K)
King Wall: Wall Ruler Area
page 211 (933K)
Emperor Slab
page 215 (1MB)
Chapel Pond Slab
page 216 (640K)
Chapel Pond Slab: Descent
page 227 (700K)
Chapel Pond Gully Cliff: Old Route Area
page 242 (870K)
Upper Washbowl (photo)
page 243 (673K)
Upper Washbowl (topo)
page 323 (776K)
Hurricane Crag
page 375 (909K)
Cascade Cliff
page 395 (591K)
Moss Cliff: Free Wall
page 401 (492K)
Moss Cliff: Aid Wall
page 435 (567K)
Wallface: Map
pages 436-437 (847K)
Wallface: Overview
page 439 (805K)
Wallface: South Face
page 444 (870K)
Wallface: Diagonal Area (photo)
page 445 (1.5MB)
Wallface: Diagonal Area (topo)
page 446 (573K)
Wallface: Diagonal Area Dihedrals
page 452 (768K)
Wallface: Shield Area (photo)
page 453 (885K)
Wallface: Shield Area (photo)
page 455 (565K)
Wallface: Shield Area Dihedrals
page 458 (960K)
Wallface: Central Depression (photo)
page 459 (564K)
Wallface: Central Depression (topo)
page 460 (688K)
Wallface: Mental Blocks Area (photo)
page 461 (951K)
Wallface: Mental Block Area (topo)
page 471 (1MB)
Gothics: North Face
pages 474-475 (894K)
Gothics: South Face
page 484 (643K)
Upper Wolfjaw Cliff

Downloads for Volume 2 (the girl book)

page 5 (1MB)
Park Map
page 99 (766K)
Roger's Rock: Roger's Slide: Main Slab
page 268 (1.3MB)
Sugarloaf: Plate 1
page 270 (1.4MB)
Sugarloaf: Plate 2
page 271 (1.2MB)
Sugarloaf: Plate 3
page 274 (1.4MB)
Sugarloaf: Plate 4
page 276 (727K)
Sugarloaf: Plate 5
page 467 (1MB)
Silver Lake: Outback Slab
pages 474-475 (924K)
Silver Lake: Potter Mountain: Shangri La

Other Downloads

People Index (2014) (582K)
People Index (2014)
FAs (3.7M)
FAs sorted by person
Stats (17K)
Random statistics about routes and first ascents
GPS coordinates (249K)
KML containing the GPS locations of every cliff
Campground Map (1.7MB)
Roger's Rock campground map showing preferred sites
Book Divisions (921K)
Adirondack Park map that shows how the two volumes are divided

Downloads from the first edition (2008/2010)

Grade Index (2008) (434K)
Index by grade (2008)
Grade Index (2010) (479K)
Index by grade (2010)
People Index (2008) (147K)
People Index (2008)
People Index (2010) (138K)
People Index (2010)