The following is a list of corrections, organized by chapter and page number, for the second printing of Adirondack Rock.

Most of the corrections are typos and misspellings and won't affect your climbing. The more serious corrections listed in red and should be noted.

Please email one of us (Jim or Jeremy) if you find any typos, mistakes, additions, or suggestions.


Page 29: The caption in the photo should read, "Donald LeBeau (top) and Sam Senior (bottom) on Empress (5.5)..."

Page 30: The date in the caption of the upper right photo should be Oct. 22, 1950.

Lake Champlain

Page 71: The length on V2 of Southern Hospitality is 100', not 140'. (The length should be removed, as the guidebook doesn't generally provide lengths for variations.)

Page 89: On the topo, the route Lost Chance (#133) is missing a bolt. The missing bolt is just before the fixed anchor at the end of the pitch.

Page 93: P1 of Cirrhosis is PG, not G.

Chapel Pond Pass

Page 160: Recent ascents of the route Let Sleeping Bats Lie report the route to have a runout at the top; hence the grade should read "5.4 G( 5.2 R)".

Page 184: The route Fishes on a Landscape is 5.9 G (5.7 X). The runout straight up to the trees is unprotected (it's possible to angle right to the top bolt on Rum Doodle and finish on that route). It's also 100', not 40'. The description of P1 should read, "Climb the clean face up to a jug, then foot traverse up and left along a ripple rail (bolt, crux) to better holds and a left-facing flake (gear). Continue straight up the slab to a final bulge (5.7 X) to the trees."

Page 199: In the description of Partition, the phrase "with few rests or stems" should be replaced with "and a puzzling offwidth finish."

Page 217: The FA on the variation on Jelly Arms should read "FA", not "FF".

Page 219: Black Widow is listed as 5.11d, but is more like 5.12c.

Page 227: The route Bigger Than Jesus is more like 5.11b, not 5.12b.

Page 250: For the route Equis, the boulder move off the ground is 5.8, and there is no protection until you reach the cedar. So, instead of "5.7 PG", the grade should be "5.8 PG (5.4 R)".

Page 250: The tree anchor on Rockaholic is dead, and the anchor is gone. You now have to climb to the top (which is quite dirty and unsatisfying).

Page 257: The route Joey Baggadonuts deserves 1 star, not 3.


Page 268: On the topo, for the route Spring Equinox, there is a fixed anchor on the first tree on the right on P2, making it possible to lower off after P1.

Page 268: The start of P2 of Quadrophenia is 5.6 R, not G. There is a short section of unprotected climbing to the first good gear placement. If you fall before then, you will land on the belay ledge, hence the R rating. Also be aware that the gear for the P1 belay is not straight forward—but can be made bomber—and is located at your feet, adding to the inconvenience should one fall before the first piece on P2. This section was once tamed by a fixed piton (placed fairly recently), but is now absent.

Page 271: In the photo caption, the P1 grade should be 5.10c, not 5.10b.

Page 272: The description for the route Schizophrenia should read, "...Straight up a crack in a shallow groove to a position below a triangular overhang. Traverse right to a ledge, then up to a tree belay at the top of the Old Route chimney."

Page 272: The route Schizophrenia should have 1 star, not 2.

Page 272: The second sentence of the first paragraph under Spruce Hill Crag should read, "Thoroughly cleaned and climbed in the early 90s by Ed Palen, it has been a popular toproping spot ever since." (In other words, delete the word "and".)

Page 283: The grade in the photo caption should be 5.9-, not 5.9.

Page 293: In the description of Waiting for the Son, the word "toprope" is hyphenated inproperly.

Page 311: In the directions to the UFO Wall, it should read, "...then turn right (north) to the shoreline of Upper Cascade Lake...", not Lower Cascade Lake.

Wilmington Notch

Page 343: The route Silver is more like 5.10d/5.11a. When the crack stops, the climbing is desperate and unprotected.

Page 343: The route Bronze is hard for the grade, more like 5.9+.

High Peaks

Page 400: The GPS coordinate for the East Face should read 589467, 4885760.

Lake George

Page 437: There should be an apostrophe in "Stewart's Ledge", listed in the top rope areas.

Page 438: The caption on Valium, Craig's last name is spelled "Vollkommer". It's spelled correctly everywhere else.

Indian Lake

Page 515: The route Shanty Girl is more like 5.6.

Page 516: The route Mean Low Blues is reported to have less-than-ideal protection, more like R.


Photo G14: Caption should read "Good Luck Mountain", not "Good Luck Cliff".

Southern Mountains

Page 559: In the History section, "Good Luck Cliff" should be changed to "Good Luck Mountain".

Page 563: In the description of Medicine Man Buttress, "Good Luck Cliff" should be changed to "Good Luck Mountain".

Page 568: In the photo caption, "Good Luck Cliff" should be changed to "Good Luck Mountain".

Old Forge

Page 581: In the directions to Eagle Falls from Eagle Bay, it should read, "...to Stillwater, then follow Stillwater Road west to its intersection with Number Four Road..."

Cranberry Lake

Northern Mountains

Page 600: In the P2 description of Côte d' Azure, it should read, "Over this and up cracks in another headwall to the third roof..." (In other words, delete the "a".)



Page 649: Missing comma after the close parenthesis in the entry for Zigzag, Notch Mountain.